KC GLOBAL國際貿易公司簡介

Kuo Chi Trading Co., LTD (refer to as Kuo Chi) was founded in 1951 by His-Chu Lin. Due to the Taiwan’s economy condition back in the 50’s where agricultural goods were the main trading products, Kuo Chi had engaged itself in exporting canned pineapples, mushrooms, asparagus and other related products to Japan during its earlier stage.

As Taiwan grows from an agricultural economy into an industrialized one, and relationship with its Japanese partners stabilizes, Kuo Chi was able to expand its product line from basic agricultural goods to other areas. Kuo Chi’s steady relationship with its Japanese partners has also given it the opportunity in 1970’s of becoming the only representative in Taiwan for JSR Corporation for synthetic rubber.

Over the years, not only have Kuo Chi become Taiwan’s main supplier in synthetic rubber, many other joint venture were made with several other Japanese partners to better serve our customers.


100% Wholly owned by Lin’s Group Taiwan  
Capital: NT$150,442,400
Associated Banks includes Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Fubon Bank and Taiwan Cooperative Bank